The Rabbit Hole

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The Rabbit Hole
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The Rabbit Hole
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Manolis LeventisManolis Leventis
21:19 25 Aug 22
Isabella BakiriIsabella Bakiri
13:13 21 Aug 22
The best, neat haircut for kids!!
Nikolaos GiakoumakisNikolaos Giakoumakis
15:59 01 Aug 22
John stamoulisJohn stamoulis
14:51 20 Jul 22
A relationship with your barber is built over time . Walking in here , the boys made me feel as if I was coming here for years . A great vibe and fantastic service. I walked in off the street and they slotted me in accordingly.I left the styling to them and they didn’t disappoint giving me a great haircut and style which I loved . When next in Rhodes worth the effort to visit Archangelos town and The boys at the Rabbit Hole(alias The Scumbag).Thanks guys keep up the great scissor work , 10 stars !
Tolis KotsisTolis Kotsis
15:31 06 Jul 22
You call for an appointment, they tell you to come without an appointment, you don't need one, you cover the distance and go and then they don't make it..Keep up the good work 👏
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The Rabbit Hole 2
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